POWERJET – DEMO from 2018

2m x 3m

Table size

2m x 3m

Pump power



several hundred hours

year of production


The water cutting machine has only worked for several hundred hours under the supervision of experts.

Proper operation significantly prolongs the life of components, so we offer training in operation free of charge.


The DEMO set from the POWERJET series (yearbook 2018) includes:

  • cast iron
  • cast body with one-arm construction
  • Tiltable cutting head up to 45 degrees (ideal for surface bevelling)
  • work table with dimensions of 2000×3000 mm
  • very efficient pump with 50 HP
  • abrasive materials feeder
  • reliable control system by FAGOR brand
  • water cutting software
  • installation at customer’s
  • training in machine and software operation
  • warranty

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Go for proven solutions

The machine’s one-arm construction allows convenient access to the work table from up to three sides. Thanks to the cast iron body and the use of top-class components, the machine is reliable even after many years of use.

You can always count on our experienced team

Over the last decade we have sold and installed over 100 waterjets. We maintain our own machines and other waterjet cutters, called for the most difficult cases. Always ready for calls within 48 hours, regardless of the economic situation.

You gain intelligent tool, knowledge and skills

With every waterjet we offer intelligent and intuitive IGEMS software for the entire water cutting process. It enables easy design and optimization of the cutting program or material consumption as well as calculation of cutting time and costs. You can find out how easy it is at our employee training.